high dimensional

Of Bdays and Spatiotemporal Hellicoids

As we move unavoidably futurewisepunctuating discretelythe hellicoid of our livesday to day and also hourlyfrom the moment of conceptionoscillating linearly,periodically shining light,incorporating revolutions --around the sun and in our minds-- that admit a projectionwhere all points coincidewith the onset of existencebut: the projection point can be arbitrary selected.

Me, transient,

spinning safely in my basin of a sudden conditions change circumstances change parameters change what attracts me, change there's the floor, morphing and with it, me, tracing the path of least resistance so I foretell, where this will impel, me? i know the direction it's somewhere along this multi-D space of infinite potentials and constrained pathsthat branch indefinitelythat way as i stroll so do the rocks beneath: yesterday i was crossing a river now am I hopping along.