Visceral Thinking

The brain is like the gut in the head:Food for thoughtMay cause indigestionThe gut is like the brain of the belly:Ideas are nourishedThrough its convolutionsTruth be toldI don't need to know howAs I already felt thatIn my gutswhen i thinkthoughts are in* To Antonio Damasio

Neuroanatomy for the Uninitiated

Parallel Fibers and Purkinje Cells from Mario Negrello on Vimeo.I've been meaning to put this online for a while. A rendition, with artistic licenses, of the interaction between purkinje cells and parallel fibers, a source of endless fascination.As Braitenberg said "neuroanatomy is what is left when all the problems of the neuron are solved".

Ode to Neuroscientists

Yesterday I ventured uponA fancy dream i’m on,I wanted to probe it, so